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Spring 2018 Elections

It's time for ATE's Spring 2018 Election...

The following positions are open for the 2018 election:

  • Second Vice-President to take office as First Vice-President at the end of the February 2019 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA and as President at the end of the February 2020 Annual Meeting in Atlantic City, NJ.
  • One Board of Directors Council of Unit Presidents Representative to take office at the end of the February 2019 Annual Meeting in Atlanta and serve until February 2022.
  • Three Board of Directors Representatives at Large to take office at the end of the February 2019 Annual Meeting in Atlanta and serve until February 2022.

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The following candidates are on the ballot:

The following candidates are on the ballot:

For Second Vice President: Judy Beck


Judy Beck, Ph.D. is Dean of the School of Education at the University of South Carolina Aiken and is completing her term on the ATE Board of Directors. She was a Delegate Assembly representative for South Carolina and served on the CUP Bylaws revision and Legislative Committees. She has served on the conference planning committees for Las Vegas and Niagara Falls, and co-chaired the Boston Conference. Dr. Beck is past-president of the South Carolina and Southeast Regional ATE. She currently serves as the Executive Director for SCATE.


I believe the opportunity to serve as the President of the ATE Board is the next step in giving back to my profession. Serving on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee has helped me to understand the many opportunities and challenges that ATE has before it.

Educator Preparation has important work in the coming years with the absence of support from the new presidential administration, increasing teacher shortages nationwide, the pending Educator Preparation Reform Act legislation, and the ESSA implementation at the state level.

ATE, as a leader in educator preparation, has the capability and responsibility to advocate for our profession. We must continue to strengthen our partnerships with other educator preparation organizations so that a strong, clear, unified message is heard. Each state is facing their own challenges with ESSA implementation and other teacher preparation issues. ATE should work collaboratively with the state units to ensure that their voice is valued and that they are a part of the decision making process in their state.

I find the collegiality, support, and intellectual stimulation of ATE an important aspect of my own professional renewal and affirmation. It is my aspiration to bring that to others.

For Council of Unit Presidents Board Representative: Valerie Wright


I have been fortunate to work with great colleagues in teacher education. I got involved with FATE in 2009 becoming Secretary and then advancing to President in 2016. Most importantly though, I have served on CUP since 2011 as a Regional Director, Chair, and currently Past Chair. During this time I have led the charge to get more support for our state units by overseeing the development of a Welcome Kit for new or reactivated state units. Our goal has been to get more state units and their officers involved at ATE and to provide some kind of monetary support.


I believe one of the most important issues confronting ATE is membership. While we have held steady the past few years, I would like to see an increase in our membership starting with the state units. After all, our state units are the foundation of ATE. I feel the more support we provide, the more ATE will benefit overall. I would also like to see a revision to the Delegate Assembly agenda. I would like to see more interaction and discussion on topics of concern rather than just a reporting out of committee actions. This is the most important meeting of the entire conference where each state unit is in attendance and ready to be actively involved. This is where we truly feel connected as one organization so we need to make the most of it. By working together we can tackle any issue that confronts us. Finally, I would like to see ATE become more than its annual conference. We can do this by staying on everyone’s radar throughout the year by continuing to take stands on national topics and discussions related to teacher education. We need to move beyond our position statements and into action statewide and nationally.

For At Large Board Representative: Justin Adcock


Hailing from the great state of Colorado, Dr. Justin Adcock wears a few hats in Denver: Affiliate Professor of Special Education at Regis University, Denver, Co; and Dean of Scott Carpenter Middle School in Westminster Public Schools. In Orlando 2017, he received the Peggy Whitfield Newcomer's Award. He also represents Colorado at the Delegate Assembly and on the Commission on Effects of Language on Children’s Conceptual Understanding of Mathematics. Recently, he received an appointment to the Resolutions Committee. Justin aims for a life of service to the profession of teaching and to the students we serve.


As an elected officer inside of this legacy organization, I would listen to and represent the many voices within ATE. This includes supporting the distinctive efforts already underway.

1. Increasing membership and deepening participation through outreach, mentorship, university partnerships, marketing, and networking.

2. Partnering on the national and international stage with other distinctive teacher education organizations that mirror our mission toward teacher efficacy and advocacy.

3. Ensuring ATE Standards live their full potential across our footprint and across our clinical practice.

4. Honoring the last 100 years of our organization while building a vision for the next 100 years of ATE legacy.

5. Improving communication and responsiveness among members, State and Local Units, and ATE leadership through innovation.

As a Representative at Large, I will ensure that that these ideas will take form in a collaborative way; and the voices of all the members will guide the ideas and views that shape ATE. As an elected officer, I will stay in close tune to the emerging needs of our great family.

For At Large Board Representative: Jean Kiekel


I am currently up for tenure at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. I have been active with a group of professionals from the University of Houston system, Texas A&M, and UST for the past eight years. At this time, the group is studying teacher induction and mentorship support. So far, a book chapter has been generated as part of this research. At my institution, I have designed a degree program in Instructional Technology that is pending SACSCOC approval and will begin in Fall 2018.


The field of education is changing. Teachers are now required to do so much more than just teach, causing them to leave the field in five years or less. As a teacher educator, I see my role as a mentor and advisor to our students who will be entering the profession. Schools and Colleges of Education need to develop more partnerships with districts to help support teachers new in their careers. I have been working the last three years with a group studying mentorship of novice teachers. Teacher educators from across the nation need a forum in which to share innovative practices for novice teacher support. One of the organizations frameworks is to disseminate ideas, innovations, and best practice that foster quality teacher preparation programs as well as advocate for induction and retention programs. There are examples of exemplary support programs out there. I believe that formation of a SIG might begin to facilitate such discussions and sharing of ideas.

For At Large Board Representative: Jennifer K. Young Wallace


Dr. Wallace is the President of the MS-ATE chapter, which she helped to re-charter. She is active in SRATE and will host the 2019 Conference. As CAEP/Assessment Coordinator, she led JSU to successful self-study report/NCATE visit and TPI Inspectorate visit for quality experience within teacher education. She is a part of USPREP, where she is instrumental in the transformation of teacher education. She serves on a research team focused on constructivism in the classroom. She serves as university supervisor and Designed-Based Research Coach for USPREP. She is dedicated to teacher education and to promotion of education on state, regional, and national levels.


ATE has very rich history and mission of promoting advocacy, equity, and leadership for teacher educators in clinical practice and research. For any educational organization, its success is contingent on actively engaged membership and efficiency of its structure and on advocacy for support in the field. When members are engaged, they become empowered. Once they are empowered, they maintain interest and develop a passion that can lead to participation in policymaking and advocacy for the education profession and become the voice for policy and advocacy. I believe that ATE’s brand is prominent and membership reflects it. Therefore, my focus is to promote the efforts of ATE by working collaboratively with constituents to increase membership and attendance at the conferences and to empower the voices of educators in this country and worldwide.

As educators, our passion is to provide opportunities for our students to be successful. With the quality of the research that is presented at ATE conferences, it is inevitable that participants will gain impeccable knowledge and ideas that they can share with their students and colleagues. I believe that as we continue to develop and improve and maintain active involvement in ATE, thus sharing our knowledge and experience and advocating for the profession, together, we help convey the significance and benefits of membership in ATE so that we all are empowered and exemplary of our profession.

Please click the "Vote Here" button to the right for further voting instructions, you will first be taken to a log in page.

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