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Blog #6 Leadership “Outside the Box”

5 Nov 2018 9:45 PM | Michael Vetere III (Administrator)

           I had the good fortune to experience leadership “outside the box” when traveling with my cousin.  We were standing at the baggage claim airport exit on a passenger pickup lane that was partially blocked with construction cones making it difficult for passengers to connect with their riders.  A woman was parked in the first row blocking the lane for all the pickup cars behind her.  It was obvious she was waiting for her passengers, who were much further down the line away from her position, to find her. She was creating a traffic jam and blocking everyone from picking up their passengers and exiting. The pickup line was getting longer and people were standing, waiting, and just watching.  My cousin handed me her luggage and said, “Hold on to this”.   She went out to the car and directed the woman to roll down her window and she said to her, “Who are you waiting for?  Who are the people you are waiting for?  What is their name?”  The woman gave the name of the party she was picking up to my cousin who repeated it out loud to the woman several times to be sure she was pronouncing it correctly.   And then my cousin lifted her head up and started walking down the line calling out the name of the party that was to be picked up.  She disappeared for a while and then finally she emerged from the crowd with a little lady holding a little dog and on her arm was an older man walking with a cane.  My cousin guided them over to the car; opened the car door and got them safely in and sent them on their way.  And “ta da” everyone in turn was able to exit the pickup lane safely.   Now, if that isn’t an example of leadership “outside the box”  I don’t know what is!  I was, in a way, “shamed” by the fact that I was standing there with everyone else doing nothing, while, here, under the auspices of my cousin am taught a lesson.  I teach about leadership all the time; but that day I was taught what leadership means when you actually do leadership!  Take action when you observe it is needed! BRAVO cousin!  I am glad I had the opportunity to tell others about what I learned from you that day.  Thank YOU!

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