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The Committee on Committees shall receive and review all requests for new committees; shall verify that proposed new committees do not duplicate existing committees; shall oversee standing committees regarding whether they are following and achieving their responsibilities; shall annually analyze the need for new standing committee responsibilities; shall oversee all responsibilities, review any proposed changes, and oversee standing committees’ compliance with Corporate Bylaws; shall develop a Standing Committee Operations Procedural Manual to be used by all standing committees; and shall assist the President in identifying potential committee members.

Featured Member


Beth Wilkins, Chair (2018)

George Fero, Board Liaison (2018)

Members: Linda Billman (2018), David Byrd (2018), Nancy Gallavan (2018), Jim Alouf (2019), Winona Taylor (2019), Kathy Walsh (2019), Emma Savage-Davis (2020), Pat Swails (2020), Cecilia Hernandez (2020)

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