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The Fiscal Affairs Committee works with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors to develop a format for reporting the fiscal matters and works as a liaison with the Board of Directors to review the budget as prepared by the Executive Director. They serve as a channel for accepting fiscal information from the general membership, standing committees, and Delegate Assembly. The committee provides the Delegate Assembly with a yearly status report of the fiscal affairs of the Association; coordinates the generation of outside monies; and considers additional fiscal matters as they are identified.

Featured Member


Ed Pultorak, Chair (2019)

Karen Embry Jenlink, President, Committee Member Ex Officio (non-voting) (2019)
Shirley Lefever, Past President, Committee Member Ex Officio (non-voting) (2018)
Patricia Tate, First Vice President, Committee Member Ex Officio (non-voting) (2020)

Members: Sally Creasap (2018), Monica Medina (2018), Paul Paese (2018), Renee Clift (2018), Terry James (2018), Ginny Fender (2019), Sandra Hardy (2019), Jim Gaines (2019), Michael Vetere, Jr. (2019), John McIntyre (2020), Denise Staudt (2020), Robert Fisher (2020), Carrie Robinson (2020), Cynthia Haggard (2020)

David Ritchey, Committee Member Ex Officio (non-voting), ATE Executive Director

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