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Nominations and Elections


The Nominations and Elections Committee secures recommendations from authorized units and membership at-large for the offices to be filled; verifies the eligibility of all prospective nominees; prepares a slate consisting of a minimum of two nominees for each office to be filled; secures from each nominee a resume of professional activities for use in the preparation of the ballot; is responsible, in cooperation with the Executive Director, for mailing the election ballots to the current eligible membership; is responsible for the receipt, counting and certification of the completed ballots; and informs the Executive Director of the election results.

Featured Member


Donna Cox, Chair (2019)

Linda Austin, Board Liaison (2018)

Members: Edwina Vold (2019), Leona Johnson (2019); Rachel Wolkenhauer (2020), Emma Savage-Davis (2020), V. Carole Smith (2020), Kathy Evans (2020), Annette Digby (2020); Sally Creasap (2021), Gayla Lohfink (2021), Tim Fry (2021), Jamey Nystrom (2021), Casey Creghan (2021)

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