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ATE's Give Back Program

Our Give Back Program sponsors a school in our conference city.

Consider a donation in your conference registration or click the icon above to make a contribution.

Join us and help us meet our goal. Please consider a donation to support:

Wendell Phillips Academy High School, Chicago, IL

Previous Give Back Schools

Wendell Phillips Academy High School

This year’s Give Back School for the 2022 Annual Meeting is the

Wendell Phillips Academy High School, Chicago, IL 

Phillips is a High School Transformation and Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) school and offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses as well as honors courses as part of its academic curriculum. It provides a positive learning environment through an academic curriculum promoting literacy and inquiry-based learning. AP courses are offered in U.S. history, Biology, and English. Honors courses are offered in 15 subjects. Education To Careers (ETC) programs are offered in fashion design, graphic communications, and drafting. Phillips also features a Junior Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (JAFROTC) program and a health clinic to serve the needs of its students.

Enrollment is open to students living in its attendance area; if space is available, students outside the area may apply.

In addition to its longstanding sports program, Phillips offers students the opportunity to participate in Student Council, Air Force (AFJROTC), a school Newspaper Club, the Book Club, the Culture Club, a Music Production Project, an Entrepreneurial Project, Junior Achievement, yearbook, and a debate Team.

Phillips became a turnaround school in an effort to lower the school's one–year dropout rate of 66.8 percent. The school received the Spotlight on Technology award from the Chicago Public Schools leadership technology summit in 2013. The school's attendance boundary includes areas of the South Side, Chinatown, and portions of the Chicago Loop.

Please consider a donation to ATE's Give Back Program at this year's Annual Meeting and
Summer Conference or click the image below to make a donation to Give Back today.

Columbus Alternative High School

This year’s Give Back School for the 2021 Summer Conference is the

Columbus Alternative High School, Columbus, OH 

Columbus Alternative High School is a public high school in North Linden, Columbus, Ohio. It is a part of the Columbus City Schools district. The school is a magnet school for college-bound students in Columbus, with both AP and IB programs.

“CAHS administration and staff are honored to be recognized for our unwavering commitment to academic excellence for all students," said Darryl C. Sanders, Principal of Columbus Alternative High School. "It’s always rewarding to see that CAHS students can compete in the same academic field as their suburban counterparts. This honor makes our school’s motto a reality: CAHS, where Academic Excellence is the Standard and not the Exception.”

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