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ATE's Give Back Program

ATE Give Back Logo - Image of hands holding up a schoolhouse

Our Give Back Program sponsors a school in our conference city.


Our chosen 2023 Summer Conference Give Back School will be:

Center City’s Brightwood Campus

in Washington, D.C.

Center City PCS empowers our students for lifelong success by building strong character, promoting academic excellence, and generating public service throughout Washington D.C. Please read Our Commitment to All Students.


 Driven by character, excellence, and service, Center City PCS seeks to:

    • Foster a community of lifelong learners;
    • Graduate students ready to go to and through college; and
    • Prepare our alumni to serve and lead others in the 21st century.


Center City PCS teaches a broad liberal arts and humanities curriculum to students in PreKindergarten-Eighth Grade. We believe, teach, and live Character, Excellence, and Service. We commit to the intellectual, physical, moral and emotional well-being of each scholar and believe every child can learn, lead and serve. Center City PCS’s academic model is built in a disciplined environment that encourages students to strive for excellence in education and their community.


    • Opportunities to learn in new ways. Center City PCS’s curricula are hands-on and taught in small groups. There are no back rows.
    • Rigorous instruction so each student can realize his/her full potential.
    • Character education and opportunities to engage in community service.
    • Preparation for high school and beyond.
    • A wide variety of enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities, including art, music, dance, STEM, physical education, foreign language, and health.
    • Opportunities to perform intellectually, artistically and physically with spelling bees, science fairs, art exhibits and athletic tournaments.


    • A safe, nurturing, small school where students don’t fall through the cracks.
    • A rigorous academic program that prepares students for competitive high schools.
    • Guided support with the high school placement process.
    • Regular information from your child’s teachers and principal.
    • Opportunities to serve and contribute to your child’s class, campus, and the entire Center City community.

ATE Give Back Logo - Image of hands holding up a schoolhouse

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