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President's Message


ATE President (2018-2019)
George Washington University Washington, DC

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Dear ATE Colleagues and Future Members,

I am excited to be serving as your president in 18-19 and look forward to connecting with you at our next conference in Albuquerque – August 3-7, 2018 and our annual conference in Atlanta, February 17-20, 2019.  Our conference theme encompasses a deep dive into study of our clinical practices in development of educators.  This theme calls us to address the “invisible” aspects of our work as boundary spanners who bridge school and university contexts.  Thus the theme:  Educators at the Forefront:  New Dimensions for Clinical Preparation and Development of Educators. 

Each conference strand advocates for making the role of the teacher educator visible by:

        synthesizing our knowledge base and developing guidelines for a repertoire of supervision and mentoring practices;

        examining essential practitioner roles occurring in today’s new partnerships and models;

        unpacking our boundary-spanning role and practices;

        learning from others about current research and practices in professional development schools. 

As I begin my leadership initiatives for ATE I would like to share with you my visions for the future of our organization and the leadership roles we need to take on at local, state, and national levels.  My vision is based on the belief that teacher educators are the “essential” players in the work of developing teachers and we need to provide the foundational knowledge, research, public voice and advocacy for what we know is best for the good of the teaching profession.  I share four key visions that build on the work of our past presidents that underscore the importance of advocacy and public voice on issues affecting the teaching profession:

#1 – ATE members will be active practitioner-scholars in bridging and bringing together a new synthesis of key theoretical constructs and ethical practices essential for effective clinical practice in the development of teachers.

#2 – ATE will be the “outreach” organization for school- and university- based teacher educators through specialized programs that support their development.

#3 – ATE leaders will build on and carry forward essential coalitions with our sister organizations to be united in one voice to advocate for the teaching profession and those who prepare teachers – THE TEACHER EDUCATOR.

#4  – ATE will create and develop new venues to provide spaces and places for both virtual and face-to-face professional development opportunities for our members aimed to support them in their teacher educator roles. 

The visions I present build upon initiatives and activities that are underway, such as our recent publications and programs developed from the ATE Commission on Clinically Based Teacher Preparation (CCBTP) – formed in 2011 by Past President – Jim Alouf and chaired by John McIntyre.   The Clinical Fellows Symposium is now in its fourth year with a cadre of over 200 members.   The Clinical Fellows Program is  a direct outgrowth of the CCBTP work; and the research publications – that can be accessed through our website (i.e. So to the - Professional Resources tab – Publications) that further define and synthesize our knowledge base and current work in clinical aspects of teacher preparation: The Power of Clinical Preparation in Teacher Education:  Embedding Teacher Preparation within P-12 School Contexts, edited by Ryan Flessner and Debra Lecklider and its companion Text:  Case Studies of Clinical Preparation in Teacher Education:  An Examination of Three Teacher Preparation Partnerships.

The visions I hold in my heart for ATE have their own sources based on my experiences as a teacher educator and the current political climate.  I will be discussing the above visions in more detail through my monthly blogs.  Please feel free to connect with me – share your thoughts and concerns for our organization and ideas for how we can better ourselves to be a visible voice in teacher preparation and development. 

With Gratitude for the Honor of Serving in ATE!

Patricia Sari Tate

Patricia Sari Tate

ATE President 2018-2019

Board of Directors

Christie McIntyre, First Vice President (2019-2020)
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL

Elizabeth Ward, College-University Representative (2020)
Texas Wesleyan University
Fort Worth, TX


Amy M. Barrios, Representative at Large (2019)

Johns Hopkins University

School of Education, Urban Teachers

Baltimore, MD

George Fero, Council of Unit Presidents Representative (2019)
McKendree University
Lebanon, IL

Rachelle Rogers, College-University Representative (2021)
Baylor University 
Waco, TX

Second Vice President: Judy Beck

ATE Board Member and Executive Committee Member

Judy Beck, Ph.D. is Dean of the School of Education at the University of South Carolina Aiken and is completing her term on the ATE Board of Directors. She was a Delegate Assembly representative for South Carolina and served on the CUP Bylaws revision and Legislative Committees. She has served on the conference planning committees for Las Vegas and Niagara Falls, and co-chaired the Boston Conference. Dr. Beck is past-president of the South Carolina and Southeast Regional ATE. She currently serves as the Executive Director for SCATE.

Karen Embry-Jenlink, Past President (2017-2018)
Stephen F. Austin State University
Nacogdoches, TX

Linda Austin, Representative at Large (2020)
Purdue University (Retired)
West Lafayette, IN

John K. Hicks, Representative at Large (2019)
Slippery Rock University
Slippery Rock, PA

Nancy Fichtman Dana, Representative at Large (2019)
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

Sophia Paljevic, School-Based Representative (2021)
Third Grade Teacher, NYC Public Schools
Bronx, NY

Congratulations to the Newly Elected Board Members Listed Below!

These individuals will assume their positions after the Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

At Large Board Representative: Justin Adcock

Hailing from the great state of Colorado, Dr. Justin Adcock wears a few hats in Denver: Affiliate Professor of Special Education at Regis University, Denver, Co; and Dean of Scott Carpenter Middle School in Westminster Public Schools. In Orlando 2017, he received the Peggy Whitfield Newcomer's Award. He also represents Colorado at the Delegate Assembly and on the Commission on Effects of Language on Children’s Conceptual Understanding of Mathematics. Recently, he received an appointment to the Resolutions Committee. Justin aims for a life of service to the profession of teaching and to the students we serve.

Council of Unit Presidents Board Representative: Valerie Wright

Valerie Wright has been fortunate to work with great colleagues in teacher education. She got involved with FATE in 2009 becoming Secretary and then advancing to President in 2016. Most importantly though, she has served on CUP since 2011 as a Regional Director, Chair, and currently Past Chair. During this time, she has led the charge to get more support for our state units by overseeing the development of a Welcome Kit for new or reactivated state units. Our goal has been to get more state units and their officers involved at ATE and to provide some kind of monetary support.

At Large Board Representative: Jennifer K. Young Wallace

Dr. Wallace is the President of the MS-ATE chapter, which she helped to re-charter. She is active in SRATE and will host the 2019 Conference. As CAEP/Assessment Coordinator, she led JSU to successful self-study report/NCATE visit and TPI Inspectorate visit for quality experience within teacher education. She is a part of USPREP, where she is instrumental in the transformation of teacher education. She serves on a research team focused on constructivism in the classroom. She serves as university supervisor and Designed-Based Research Coach for USPREP. She is dedicated to teacher education and to promotion of education on state, regional, and national levels.

At Large Representative: Jean Kiekel

Jean Kiekel is currently up for tenure at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. She has been active with a group of professionals from the University of Houston system, Texas A&M, and UST for the past eight years. At this time, the group is studying teacher induction and mentorship support. So far, a book chapter has been generated as part of this research. At her institution, she has designed a degree program in Instructional Technology that is pending SACSCOC approval and will begin in Fall 2018.

Executive Director:  David Ritchey

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