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Special Interest Group: Classroom Management and Discipline


Classroom management is a critical part of teaching and, therefore, an interest of many Association of Teacher Educators members. Current members represent professors of graduate and undergraduate courses in classroom management, workshop presenters for various consultants, classroom teachers, preservice level teacher education supervisors, and teacher preparation program administrators.

From these multiple perspectives the membership studies those issues related to course content, curriculum design or delivery, plus research in the field.

Past activities included a panel presentation by the authors of articles on classroom management and later an interactive session with Dr. Donna Golloick on the relationship between classroom management and the beginning teacher standards. In February plans to conduct a multi-site research project were initially generated.

SIG members interact to keep one another informed via a quarterly newsletter, annual business meeting, special conference programs, and coordination of the conference sessions on classroom management. Through the building of relationships over time the original goal of the SIG will be met, namely, to encourage and to support ATE in continuing a focus on classroom management.

Call for Proposals


Chair: Kim White

University of Kentucky College of Education, Curriculum and Instruction

Clinical Assistant Professor

Co-Chair, Elementary Education Program

317 Dickey Hall


Chair-Elect: Madalina Tanase

University of North Florida
Associate Professor
Secondary Education

Secretary: Teresa Leavitt

Brigham Young University
Associate Professor & District Liaison

Among other courses, Teresa Leavitt teaches classroom management and works with students as they complete field experiences at all levels including practicum, student teaching, and internship.

More Information and Resources

Classroom Management and Discipline - Dr. Kimberly White

Classroom Management - Dr. Jan Byers-Kirsch

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