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Distinguished ATE Member Award

Nominations for ATE Distinguished Members

The Distinguished Member of the Association of Teacher Educators exemplifies the best of teacher education in this nation, which includes outstanding contributions to the Association; outstanding contributions to teacher education; and professional, academic, and ethical standards.

The Honors and Awards Committee receives and evaluates nominations and recommends candidates to the Board of Directors and Delegate Assembly. No more than two recommendations are made each year.

The Honors and Awards Committee invites nominations for the ATE Distinguished Member from current ATE members and/or state/regional units. The committee encourages nomination of all eligible members, recognizing differences in their opportunities to serve the Association. A person may not be nominated if he/she currently serves on the Honors and Awards Committee.

Eligibility for Consideration

• 15 years of consecutive membership in the Association of Teacher Educators
• Outstanding contributions to the Association of Teacher Educators
• Outstanding contributions to teacher education
• Consents to nomination

Please submit all completed forms by December 1 for review by the Honors and Awards Committee at the Annual Meeting.

All documentation and forms should be submitted to:

Christina Pfister, Honors and Awards Committee Chair         

The College of Saint Rose

432 Western Avenue

Albany, NY 12203

Email: Christina Pfister

Click here to download the nomination forms in .PDF format. Nomination packet must arrive by the deadline and be complete for the ATE Honors and Awards Committee’s consideration. The nominator is responsible for the submission of the packet. All nominations are due by December 1.

Past Award Recipients

1977 Floyd Perry Minnesota E. Brooks Smith Michigan
1978 William A. Bennie Texas    
1979 Bill Fullerton Arizona Beradene Schunk Nebraska
1980 Lois Blair Pennsylvania Hans C. Olsen Texas
1981 James Collins New York Duaine Lang Indiana
1982 Mary Ellen Perkins Georgia James A. Johnson Illinois
1983 Pearlie Dove Georgia    
1984 Marvin Henry Indiana    
1985 Richard Collier New York Allen Warner Texas
1986 Randall Bebb Iowa    
1987 Louise Dieterle Illinois Jane Grubb Nebraska
1988 Robert Alley Kansas    
1989 Robert Roth California Robert Schuck Rhode Island
1990 Peggy Elliott Indiana Richard Ishler South Carolina
1991 Mike Shada Nebraska Robert Wright New Mexico
1992 Billy Dixon Illinois John Williamson Texas
1993 W. Robert Houston Texas Elizabeth Manera Arizona
1994 John Sikula California Ray Sunderland Pennsylvania
1995 Lyle Mottinger Minnesota    
1996 George Clarke North Carolina Linda Tafel Illinois
1997 Leonard Kaplan Michigan Robert J. Stevenson Virginia
1998 Janet Towslee Georgia Robert McNaughton Ohio
1999 John McIntyre Illinois Shirley Robards Oklahoma
2000 B. Keith Eicher Virginia    
2002 Peggy Wittliff North Dakota John Hicks Pennsylvania
2003 James Whiteman Ohio Charlotte Mendoza Colorado
2004 Fanchon Funk Florida     
2005 Alicia Mendoza  Florida     
2006 Sheliah Dorton Indiana    
2007 Ann Gayles-Fenton Florida  Ed Pultorak Illinois
2008 Thomas Buttery Tennessee    
2009 Frances Van Tassell Texas    
2010 Candace Wells Kansas  Carrie Robinson New Jersey
2011 Marilyn Nicholas Maryland    
2012 Terry James Arkansas    
2013 Jane McCarthy Nevada    
2014 Karen McClusky Illinois  Shirley DeLucia Ohio
2015 Ann Shelly Ohio    
2016 Jim Alouf Virginia  Nancy P. Gallavan Arkansas
2017  no award
2018 Deborah Barnes
Arkansas  Terrell Peace
Shirley Lefever
 Emma Savage-Davis North Carolina
2020 Annette Digby
2021 Freddie A. Bowles
2022 Patricia Sari Tate
Virginia Christie McIntyre
2023Linda R. Austin
IndianaLeAnn Putney

Additional Award Recipients

L.O. Andrews

North Dakota
Edith E. Beechel Colorado    
Helen Marie Cookson Louisiana    
Dwight Curtis Iowa    
Edna Heilbronn Michigan    
William Henry Lawton Rhode Island    
Margaret Lindsay New York    
Alfred C. Moon Iowa    
Curtis Nash Michigan    
Allen D. Patterson Pennsylvania    
Florence Stratemeyer New York    
Edgar M. Tanruther Indiana    


Distinguished Members of ATE and AST

Thomas Alexander
Robert D. Alley
James Alouf
L.O. Andrews
William C. Bagley
Debbie Barnes
Randall Robert Bebb
Edith E. Beechel
William A. Bennie
Lois Blair
Thomas J. Buttery
J. W. Carrington
George E. Clarke
Richard E. Collier
James Collins
Cortland Colson
Helen Marie (Tillie) Cookston
Dwight K. Curtis
Shirley DeLucia
Billy G. Dixon
Sheliah Allen Dorton
Pearlie C. Dove
B. Keith Eicher
Peggy G. Elliott
E. S. Evenden
Anne Gayles Felton
John G. Flowers
Bill J. Fullerton
Fanchon Funk
Nancy P. Gallavan
M. Jane Grubb
Edna Heilbron
Marvin A. Henry
John Hicks
W. Robert Houston
Richard Ishler
Terry James
James A. Johnson
Leonard Kaplan
Duaine Lang
William H. Lawton
Margaret Lindsey
Robert MacNaughton

Elizabeth Manera
Jane McCarthy
Karen McClusky
Dorothy McGeoch
D. John McIntyre
Charles A. McMurray
A. R. Mead
Alicia Mendoza
Charlotte Mendoza
Alfred Moon
Lyle Mottinger
Curtis E. Nash
Marilyn Nicholas
Hans C. Olsen
Allen D. Patterson
Terrell Peace
Mary Ellen Perkins
Floyd Perry
Ed Pultorak
Shirley Robards
Carrie Robinson
Robert Roth
Raleigh Scholring
Robert Schuck
Bernadene Schunk
Mike Shada
Ann Shelly
John Sikula
E. Brooks Smith
Robert J. Stevenson
Florence Stratemeyer
Ray T. Sunderland
Linda Tafel
Edgar M. Tanruther
Janet Towslee
Frances Van Tassell
Allen R. Warner
Candace B. Wells
James Whiteman
E. I. F. Wiliams
John Williamson
Peggy Witliff
Robert E. Wright

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