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Distinguished Clinician in Teacher Education (DCTE) Award

Sponsored by the M. Jane Grubb Memorial Fund and
the Donna Wharton Memorial Fund

The Association of Teacher Educators acknowledges the school as the principal environment for advancing effective teaching as teachers acquire new skills and practice them in the clinical setting of the classroom. The award for the Distinguished Clinician in Teacher Education has been established to recognize and honor those school-based teacher educators whose work in a clinical environment helps teachers become better at what they do.

This award denotes ATE's commitment to educators in four categories:

Division I-
The M. Jane Grubb Award, educators whose dual roles include classroom teaching and supervising preserves teachers. This award was established in 1995, in honor of ATE Distinguished member Jane Grubb. Jane was a school-based educator from the Lincoln, Nebraska area.

Division II-
Educators whose dual roles include classroom teaching and monitoring other teachers

Division III-
The Donna Wharton Award, those school district employees whose primary role is staff development/ in-service teacher education. The Donna Wharton Memorial Fund was established in 1996, in honor of Donna who ws the first recipient of the Distinguished Clinician Award. Donna was a school-based educator from Phoenix, AZ.

Division IV-
University faculty whose primary responsibility is monitoring and staff development of preservice and classroom teachers in professional development schools.

An award may be given annually in each division.

Award Criteria
  1. Nominated by State Affiliate or ATE member
  2. Primary work responsibilities are in K-12 schools. Functions in dual roles of classroom teacher and supervisor of preservice teachers (Division I); or, functions in dual roles of classroom teacher and mentor of other teachers (Division II); or, school district employee whose primary role is staff development/in-service teacher education (Division III); or, university faculty whose primary responsibility is re-entering and staff development of preservice and classroom teachers in professional development schools (Division IV).
  3. Demonstrates roles as a clinician to:
    1. assist teachers in applying the content of the pedagogy of effective teaching;
    2. establish systems for the development of teaching skills;
    3. emphasize reflective teaching and self-analysis; employ the exemplary coaching/conferencing techniques; demonstrate other outstanding supervisory traits.

Nomination and Selection Process
  1. Each State Affiliate is encouraged to establish its own DCTE award to identify and honor those in clinical settings who fill teacher educator roles. Nominations for the national DCTE award must come through the State Affiliates or ATE member. Nominations for the national award must be submitted by October 1 to Emily Lin.
  2. Nomination packet must include:
    1. Cover page to include: nominee's name, home address and telephone number, name and address of employing school, job title with description of position and explanation of duties, dates of employment; names and addresses of immediate supervisor and school administrator; and, nominator's name, position in State Affiliate or in ATE, home and business addresses, and telephone numbers.
    2. Letter of nomination from an official of the ATE State Affiliate or ATE Member.
    3. Nominee’s reflective statement of their performance and effectiveness as a distinguished clinician in teacher education (no more than 3 pages).
    4. If applicable, one to two pages describing the nominee's membership and service in ATE and/or the State Affiliate:
      - list dates of membership in ATE
      - list dates of membership in State Affiliate
      - describe current and past service in ATE (elected offices, appointed positions, activities and roles) 
      - describe current and past service in State Affiliate
    5. Professional resume of nominee which includes a chronological listing of educational experiences, previous positions, and professional activities.
    6. Letters from students, supervisors, peers, or professional colleagues to support nomination (at least 3, no more than 10).
    7. Documentation of the nominee that clearly demonstrate coaching/conferencing techniques and other supervisory skills effectiveness and confirms outstanding performance or meritorious service as a teacher educator; for example, newspaper articles, award certificates, other commendations, invitations to present expressions of appreciation, program materials developed by the nominee,  student testimonials, video and photos, etc. (no more than 10 pages).
  3. Nomination packet format:
    1. The application must be no longer in length than 30 pages.
    2. All items are to be included sent electronically in a zip file.
    3. All packets must be sent by October 1st.
  4. Dates 
    1. Nomination packets will be reviewed by Selection Panel by December 1.
    2. Award recipients will be notified by January 1.
    3. Award recipients will be introduced and honored during the ATE Annual Meeting in February. Each national award recipient will receive a commemorative plaque and a cash award of $500.00 from LFTE. Direct any questions and send nominations packets to: Emily Lin.

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