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Distinguished Program in Teacher Education (DPTE)

Distinguished Program in Teacher Education for 2019 (updated May 2018)

The award for the Distinguished Program in Teacher Education has been established to recognize and honor outstanding teacher education programs that exemplify collaboration between local education agencies and institutions of higher education in program development and administration. The Association stands committed to recognizing this critical connection. 

This award is designed to stimulate development and innovation, which will bring into harmony all those agencies which have direct involvement in the preparation of teachers. It also is intended to emphasize the Association's concern for quality in teacher preparation. The finalists for this award agree to make a Distinguished Program in Teacher Education special session presentation at the ATE 2019  Annual Meeting, and a plaque will be presented to the representative of the winning program at the ATE 2019 Awards Dinner. 

Who may enter?

All applicants must represent a consortia of higher education institution(s), school system(s), and other involved agencies. Each consortium may submit only one entry. 

What criteria will be considered?

Collaborative development between institutions of higher education and local, state, national, and/or international agencies;

• Program goals directed at the establishment of identifiable teaching behaviors;

• Theoretically sound, research-based principles that are adaptable to other teacher education programs;

• Assessment framework and record of implementation that provides for on-going data-based decision making and program improvement

• Alignment among program goals, program actions/activities, and assessment;

• Conclusive data demonstrating positive impact of the program on its graduates and on the students they teach in P-12 settings.

What is the entry process?

Entries must be submitted electronically and must contain the following 3 sections:

1.    Overview of Program (i.e. an executive summary of its development, design, and demonstration of quality in teacher preparation and/or innovation in teacher preparation; limited to 1 page of 250 words)

2.    Program Description (limited to 10 to 20 pages of descriptive details, organized around the 5 subsections listed below)

              • Collaborative Development of Program

              • Program Goals 

              • Theoretical and Research-based Underpinnings and Its Adaptability to Other Programs

              • Assessment Framework and Implementation Record 

              • Alignment among Program Goals, Actions/Activities, and Assessment

              • Impact of Program on Its Graduates and on P-12 Students

3.    Appendices (limited to 1 to 5 pages—of charts, tables, graphs, etc.)

The entire application is limited to no more than 26 pages (1 page of program overview, 10 to 20 pages of program description, and 1 to 5 pages of appendices) and must be saved as one PDF document. Email the document to the Chair of the DPTE Selection Panel, Dr. Jim Laney, at by or before 11:59 p.m. EST on October 1, 2018. Insert DPTE 2019 Proposal in the subject line of the email. Late submissions will not be accepted and will not be acknowledged.

The DPTE Selection Panel encourages potential applicants to let us know of your interest in applying and to ask clarifying questions.  We are happy to provide guidance and check draft proposals for completeness prior to final submission.

What is the review process?

1. In order to choose finalists for the award, a selection panel of ATE Members will review and evaluate all entries by November 2.

2. All applicants, including finalists and non-finalists, will be notified of the review process outcome by November 19, 2018.

3.  Finalists for the DPTE Award are required to make a presentation on their teacher preparation program at the ATE 2019 Annual Meeting and must maintain a display table in the display area of the ATE conference.

4.  The winner of the DPTE Award will be announced at the ATE 2019 Awards Dinner towards the end of the conference.

What resources are available to help in writing the application?  (Click on links in blue below.)

Or contact Jim Laney, Chair of the DPTE Selection Panel.

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