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  Association of Teacher Educators

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Exhibit at ATE's Annual Meeting and Summer Conference!

ATE's Annual Meeting and Summer Conference provide unique opportunities to reach teacher educators and those involved in teacher preparation at all levels from around the country.

Annual Meeting

ATE's 2021 Annual Meeting will be held

February 13-17, 2021

Exhibit Dates: February 15-17, 2021

Download the exhibitor information packet.

Application and fees due by January 8

More information

Summer Conference

ATE's 2021 Summer Conference will be held

July 30 - Aug. 3, 2021

in Columbus, OH

Exhibit Dates: TBA, 2021

Application and fees due by July 1

More information

Excellent Sales Opportunities!

Join the exhibitors who reap the benefits of marketing to a growing organization whose members will play a pivotal role in helping America's teachers meet the challenges of educating ALL children successfully.  You will be able to meet education decision-makers individually and personally on- or off-line.

  • Approximately 1200 teacher educators, teachers, and other educators at our Annual Meeting in February,
    around 300 at our Summer Conference in August
  • Over 500 Colleges and Universities represented at our Annual Meeting
  • Various school districts and other agencies
  • Networking opportunities

Exhibit Specifications

Information will be prepared for each meeting and conference.

Online exhibits: Include a listing in the conference program book and in ATE social media as well as a listing on the ATE website with a link to your website and a banner within the conference platform. Also allows you to:
- Upload up to 5 images
- Add pre-recorded video links
- Include your company logo (1)
- Provide phone/website/address information
- Add company description
- Include primary contact/staff in online exhibit booth
- Provide 1 promotional offer: raffle, giveaway, coupon
- Include a live showcase link, you set the time

In-person exhibits: Adequate space and traffic flow in front of tables will assure visibility and access. Limited secure storage will be available adjacent to the exhibit area. An on-site manager will be available during set-up and exhibit show times. Table top exhibits will consist of draped and skirted tables. Two chairs will be provided for each exhibit. There is no set-up or dismantling during exhibit hours.

Association of Teacher Educators Exhibitor Rates

Annual Meeting & Summer Conference

Annual Meeting Exhibit Fee Schedule for February:

Applications and fees are due by January 8.

Download the Exhibit Fee Application

   Exhibit Options - Online February Annual Meetings    Commercial Rate    Educational or Non-Profit
Exhibit Space Fee - See Exhibit Specifications above $600 $500
   Unstaffed Marketing Opportunities - Program Ads
Quarter-Page (8" X 2.5") in body of conference book $300 $300
Half-Page (8" X 5") in body of conference book $500 $500
Full-Page (8" X 10") in body of conference book $700 $700

Summer Conference Exhibit Fee Schedule for August:

Applications and fees are due by July 1.

Download the Exhibit Fee Application

   Exhibit Options - August Summer Conferences    Commercial Rate    Educational or Non-Profit
One table (6ft x 3 ft) positioned parallel to wall $300 $250
One table in front of exhibitor provided “pop-up” or floor to ceiling display
(not to exceed 10 ft width x 10 ft height x 3 ft deep)
$350 $300
Two tables in L-shape $400 $350
Two tables end-to-end $450 $400
   Unstaffed Marketing Opportunities
Unstaffed Table Top Display - Display multiple copies on
a table top of up to three different individual items
$225 $225
One Page Conference Bag Insert - Provide 1200 copies of an individual
one page document
to be inserted in the ATE conference bag for attendees
$225 $225

Advertise with ATE

Advertise In Our Conference E-Program Book

  • $300    Quarter-Page (8" x 2.5") in body of conference book.
  • $500    Half-Page (8" x 5") in body of conference book.
  • $700    Full-Page (8" x 10") in body of conference book.

For More Information

Call ATE's headquarters office at (703) 331-0911 or click here to send an email to ATE headquarters.

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