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Fiscal Affairs


The Fiscal Affairs Committee works with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors to develop a format for reporting the fiscal matters and works as a liaison with the Board of Directors to review the budget as prepared by the Executive Director. They serve as a channel for accepting fiscal information from the general membership, standing committees, and Delegate Assembly. The committee provides the Delegate Assembly with a yearly status report of the fiscal affairs of the Association; coordinates the generation of outside monies; and considers additional fiscal matters as they are identified.

Committee Chair


Michael Vetere Jr., Chair (2022)

John Hicks, President, Committee Member Ex Officio (non-voting) (2023)

Rachelle Rogers, First Vice President, Committee Member Ex Officio (non-voting) (2024)

Judy Beck, Past President, Committee Member Ex Officio (non-voting) (board liaison) (2022)

Members: John McIntyre (2023), Ed Pultorak (2023); Carol Donnelly (2024), Shirley Lefever (2024), Liz Ward (2024), Christie McIntyre (2024), Mary (Terry) Vetere (2024)

Alisa Chapman, Committee Member Ex Officio (non-voting), ATE Executive Director

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