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  Association of Teacher Educators

Affordable Insurance Options and Quality Protection

All possible through the group buying power of members of the Association of Teacher Educators.

Complete your portfolio with insurance plans endorsed by the Association of Teacher Educators. Through a cooperative arrangement with Forrest T. Jones and the Trust for Insuring Educators, the following insurance plans are available to ATE members:

-- Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan
-- Term Life*
-- $1/$2 Million Professional Liability
-- $1 Million Student Professional Liability
-- $1/$3 Million Private Practice Professional Liability
-- Long Term Care Insurance Evaluation Service
-- Disability Income Protection*
-- Cancer Insurance Plan*
-- Accidental Death & Dismemberment
-- Modified Whole Life for Members 50-75
-- Headstart Juvenile Whole Life Insurance
-- Medicare Supplement

For a brochure detailing the features of each plan, including eligibility, premiums, exclusions, limitations, renewal provisions, etc.:
• SUBMIT your request online at the TIE website;
E-MAIL. Include name, address, date of birth, day and evening phone, occupation and plan information desired; or
• CALL (800) 265-9366 for immediate service, personalized quotation or detailed brochure.
Click here for complete plan information & applications.

The Association of Teacher Educators endorses these plans as a service to members and neither incurs expenses nor earns income from their sale.

Phone: (800) 265-9366
Fax: (816) 968-0577

Program provided through the Trust for Insuring Educators (TIE)

*Not available in certain states or to residents of a foreign country. If you live in Canada or Puerto Rico, please call for product availability.

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