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ATE's Induction System for New Professors (ISNP)

Summer Symposium




Summer Symposium

Friday, July 29, 2022

9:00am – 4:30pm CT

Nashville, TN

Register for the symposium.

Learn more about ISNP

Participants attending the Symposium will be better prepared to:

  • Transition to college/university responsibilities.
  • Analyze cultural norms of a new department and university.
  • Apply research-based organizational lenses to real-life experiences.
  • Expand scholarship, presentation, and publication opportunities, assisted by experienced ATE mentors in similar areas of specialization.


Full-time college/university faculty members entering years 1-3 are eligible.

“This revolutionized the way new faculty are brought on board outside

their home institutions. I wish this experience were possible for all new

teacher educators. Truly fantastic!”  -    2016 ISNP Cohort Member

Read about ISNP!

Baptism by Fire: Why Induction Matters for Beginning Education Professors

Authored by: Mary J. Selke, Jerusalem Rivera-Wilson, Cindy Gay Watson, Carrie Robinson, Keenya G. Mosley, Deborah Rickey & David Arneson


Register As a Beginning Professor!   

Register for the 2022 cohort: Reserve a place in the summer, 2022, Induction Symposium for yourself or a new colleague. Participants will be contacted in advance so they can be matched with an ATE Mentor and preparation materials can be shared. ISNP is open to new faculty in years 1-3.

Deans and Chairs of Education Units: Register Your Beginning Faculty Members.

Assisting beginning faculty members in the initial years of a college or university career is a sound investment.  ATE's ISNP participation provides resources, professional lenses for problem-solving, and instant access to content experts, prepared mentors, and national networking opportunities.

If you are a Department Chair or Dean, send your induction phase faculty beginning years 1, 2, or 3 in full-time professorial positions.

Be a Mentor to New Professors!

Volunteer to be a Mentor! A team of mentors is needed, with representation from diverse areas of specialization.

Mentors and mentees will be matched as closely as possible based on the mentee’s professorial position. Mentors will meet their mentee(s) at the summer conference (preferred - or virtually if unable to attend). If you would like to be an ATE Induction Mentor for a beginning professor, please email Dr. Mary Selke.

In your email message, please include: (a) contact information -- your name, current position, email, and phone, and (b) your areas of expertise – such as elementary education, educational administration, etc.


Register for Induction Symposium for New Professors (ISNP).

Registration will close on Friday, July 23rd. This will give ISNP participants time to complete a short survey, to assist us in matching you with an ISNP mentor, and a few preliminary activities, to introduce you to information that will be applied during the on-line Symposium.

We will also be scheduling a follow-up meeting via Zoom, no longer than 90 minutes, during the fall semester, on a day/time that fits with participants' schedules.


Please contact ISNP Team Leader, Dr. Mary Selke

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