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John P. Sikula Unit Awards

Sponsored by the John P. Sikula Endowment Fund

I. Purpose

The Association of Teacher Educators has established a national Unit Awards Program sponsored by Past President John Sikula. This program recognizes the efforts and accomplishments of affiliated units across the country. ATE units provide essential services and programs at the local and state levels, thereby supporting the national organization’s mission and goals. The Awards Program is a vehicle for ATE to provide visibility and distinction to units that fulfill the performance criteria indicated.

This program originally was endorsed by the Council of Unit Presidents, the Association Development Committee, and the Delegate Assembly at the 1989 Annual Meeting, proposed by John Sikula, ATE President, 1989-1990 and Professor of Education from Ashland University, OH. On February 24, 2007, John was given ATE Distinguished Member recognition for his many years of service and leadership of the organization.

Guidelines have been revised many times to assure a more level playing field and to encourage more extensive, fair competition. On February 24, 2007, at the ATE Annual Meeting in San Diego, ATE’s Leadership Foundation for Teacher Education (LFTE) agreed to set up an Endowment Fund to continue to support this program after the death of Dr. Sikula. John made significant contribution to this fund from 1988 until his passing in 2016.

II. Eligibility

Any state or regional unit of ATE may participate in the Awards Program.
III. Number of Awards

Three types of awards are given by national ATE.
A.          Unit Achievement Awards: Presented to all who qualify each year.
B.          Unit Development Awards: One award is available in each of three categories each year.
The three categories are:
1)   Programs / Services
2)   Membership / Management
3)   Articulation with the National Office
 C.           Outstanding Unit Award: Normally, one award is made each year.
IV. Judging

The period covered by the Awards Program is from January 1 through December 31 of the year previous to the award. Only accomplishments which have occurred in this time frame may be considered. Awards are based only upon materials received. Entries may be submitted electronically.
The Awards Committee to select winners consists of three Past Presidents of ATE. Currently, the members are Tom Buttery (Chair), Charlotte Mendoza, and Carrie Robinson. Judging is done annually by this Awards Committee. Awards are presented during the Annual Meeting in February. Entries must be received by January 2. Applications should be mailed directly to the Awards Committee Chair, Tom Buttery.

V. Application Template
On the cover page, provide the name of the ATE Unit and the name, address, telephone number and email address of the unit member submitting the application. Also, indicate if the application is for an Achievement Award, Unit Development Award for Programs/ Services, Unit Development Award for Membership/Management, and/or Unit Development Award for Articulation with the National Office.
On the following pages, please submit a response to each criterion listed in the space provided. This template assists judges in their evaluation process. A positive response to 10 of the 13 criteria indicated is considered meritorious. A simple description is sufficient. Do not submit conference programs, appendices, or merchandise. Also, please do not provide electronic links for display or documentation purposes. Do not calculate a point value to be awarded as this is determined by the Awards Committee. Please follow the current criteria indicated herein so that evaluators can accurately assess entries without having to hunt around for evidence.
Please remember that the criteria refer to accomplishments which have occurred from January 1 - December 31 of the year previous to the award.

Unit Achievement Awards
Before a unit is eligible to win one of the Unit Development Awards, it must first meet certain achievement criteria expected of healthy ATE units. It is hoped that most ATE units could win an Achievement Award each year. The unit either meets these criteria or it does not. Units can win this award yearly if they apply and satisfy 10 of the 13 performance criteria listed.
Unit Achievement Awards are certificates.

Unit Achievement Award Performance Criteria
1.           Bylaws and a constitution have been approved.
2.           Unit officers are national members. 
3.           An Annual Report has been filed with the National Office. 
4.           At least one conference/program is conducted yearly. 
5.           Unit meets at least once a year for business purposes. 
6.           At least half of the delegates or alternates attended the last Delegate Assembly. 
7.           Public school personnel and/or higher education personnel are visibly involved (e.g., serve on the Executive Board, chair committees, are delegates to the Delegate Assembly, etc.).
8.           State unit member(s) attended the last National Meeting or Summer Workshop. 
9.           Unit standing committees are functioning. 
10.       Evidence of state/national membership recruitment and retention is presented. 
11.       Membership recruitment activities are in evidence. 
12.       Students are visibly involved in unit activities. 
13.       Electronic communications are used to build unit support.

Unit Development Awards
Unit Development Awards are ATE’s second highest awards for units. They recognize accomplishments in three specific categories: Programs/Services; Membership/Management; and Articulation with the National Office. Units may submit applications in one, two, or three categories. Normally, each category will have one winner per year. The performance criteria are indicated on the following pages.
Units receiving the Unit Achievement Award are eligible for one or more of the Unit Development Awards. Unit Development Awards can be received in consecutive years. This award consists of a plaque and a check for $100.

Outstanding Unit Award
Each year one Outstanding Unit normally will be selected and honored. This award will be based upon overall excellence and performance of the unit in the Unit Development Awards competition. Units must submit applications in all three of the Unit Development Award categories to be considered for the Outstanding Unit Award. This Award can be won once in a five-year period. This award consists of a large plaque and a check for $500.

The Outstanding Unit Award is determined by adding up the points awarded by the three judges in each of the three Unit Development Award categories:

       1. Programs/Services;
       2. Membership/Management; and
       3. Articulation with the National Office. 

The Unit with the most total points generally wins the plaque and check for $500.  A unit can win the Outstanding Unit Award only once in a five-year period of time.

Unit Development Award Criteria

I.  Programs/Services

      Performance Criteria

1.  Fall and/or spring meeting(s) or project(s) sponsored.
2.  Journal produced and distributed.

3.  Public school members involved.

4.  Meeting announcements sent to unit membership and the National Office.

5.  Awards Program sponsored.

6.  Executive Committee functioned.

7.  Professional Development activity sponsored.

8.  Research formally promoted.

9.  Scholarship Program developed.

10.  Business meeting(s) held and documented.

11.  Some type of newsletter circulated.

II. Membership/Management

Performance Criteria
1.  75% of individual members retained from previous year.

2.  Unit has a Secretary or Executive Secretary/Director.

3.  Standing Committees functioned.

4.  Recruitment activities conducted.

5.  Officers are provided orientation to their positions.

6.  Unit information is distributed among educators.

7.  Renewal notices sent.

8.  Ad Hoc Commission(s) or Standing Committee(s) functioned.

9.  Student members participated.

10.  Unit Directory is available to members upon request with permissions granted by all involved.

11.  Unit operated in the black.

12.  Financial report provided to members and/or Executive Committee.

III. Articulation with the National Office

Performance Criteria
1.  Regular communication with the National Office is in evidence.

2.  State unit members attend the Annual Meeting and the Summer Workshop.

3.  Annual Report filed.

4.  At least half of the delegates or alternates attended the last Delegate Assembly.

5.  Unit members have helped to plan a regional or national education event.

6.  Unit plan is articulated with the mission and goals of ATE.

7.  Bylaws/Constitution approved by the Standards and Performance Committee.

8.  Unit is represented at the Council of Unit Presidents Meeting during the Annual Meeting and/or the Summer Workshop.

9.  Unit members participate on national committees, commissions, and task forces.

10.  Unit contributes at least $50 to ATE (e.g. Leadership Foundation, special projects, programs ad, etc.).

11.  Unit contains people who hold national positions (e.g., Board Member, Committee, or Commission during current year).

The following template is designed to facilitate application

Outstanding Unit Award Recipients

    1988    California
    1989    Ohio
    1990    Texas
    1991    Minnesota
    1992    Michigan
    1993    California
    1994    Virginia
    1995    Texas
    1996    Louisiana
    1997    Illinois
    1998    Iowa
    1999    North Dakota
    2000    Texas
    2001    None
    2002    Illinois
    2003    Indiana and Ohio
    2004    California
    2005    Georgia
    2006    Pennsylvania
    2007    Illinois
    2008    Texas
    2009    None
    2010    Arkansas
    2011    Pennsylvania
    2012    Illinois
    2013    South Carolina
    2014    Florida
    2015    Arkansas
    2016    Pennsylvania
    2017    Texas

    2018    Illinois

    2019    -

    2020    Unit Award:  New York State Association of Teacher Educators (NYSATE)

                    Program Services Award:  Pennsylvania Association of Teacher Educators (PAC-TE)

                    Membership Management Award:  Illinois Association of Teacher Educators (IATE)

                    Articulation with the National Office:  South Carolina Association of Teacher Educators (SCATE)

     2021   Unit Award:  South Carolina Association of Teacher Educators (SCATE)

                  Program Services Award:  Pennsylvania Association of Teacher Educators (PAC-TE)

                  Membership Management Award:  Illinois Association of Teacher Educators (IATE)

                  Articulation with the National Office:  South Carolina Association of Teacher Educators (SCATE)

     2022   Unit Award:  no award

                  Program Services Award:  South Carolina Association of Teacher Educators (SCATE)

                  Membership Management Award:  Pennsylvania Association of Teacher Educators (PAC-TE)

                  Articulation with the National Office:  Illinois Association of Teacher Educators (IATE)

     2023   Unit Award: Texas Association of Teacher Educators (TxATE)

                  Program Services Award:  Pennsylvania Association of Teacher Educators (PAC-TE)

                  Membership Management Award:  Illinois Association of Teacher Educators (IATE)

                  Articulation with the National Office: South Carolina Association of Teacher Educators (SCATE)

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