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Legislative and

Governmental Relations


The Legislative and Governmental Relations Committee organizes a system by which individuals from the Association establish and maintain relationships with national and state legislative and governmental bodies. The committee also prepares and monitors membership training programs to improve working relations with political decision makers.

Committee Chair


Debra Thomas, Chair (2020)

Jennifer Young-Wallace, Board Liaison (2020)

Members: Lynn Kline (2019), Noran L. Moffett (2019), Joseph Nichols (2019);  Christian Legler (2020), Priscilla Hernandes-Petrosky (2020), Thomas Smith (2020); Natalie Hagler (2021), Sarah Clark (2021), Teresa Meredith (2021), Carla Tanguay (2021); Rebecca Fredrickson (2022), Christina Ellis (2022), Jim Wightman (2022)

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