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  Association of Teacher Educators

Special Interest Group: Mathematics Teacher Education



The Mathematics Teacher Educators SIG of the Association of Teacher Educators is a Special Interest Group of educators supporting each other in their common goal of studying those issues related to mathematics content, curriculum design and delivery, and research in the field.


The Mathematics Teacher Educators SIG will:

• Serve as a forum for sharing current research and experience with active on-going projects;

• Serve as a vehicle for disseminating information, research, and teaching experiences; and

• Serve as a networking support providing an opportunity for problem solving on classroom issues, teaching tips, and assessment techniques.

Created by Dr. David Arneson, Chairperson
Mathematics Teacher Educators SIG
Approved at ATE Chicago Feb 15, 2010


David Arneson
Leadership Foundation for Teacher Education

Regina M. Mistretta
St. Johns University

Lingguo Bu

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

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