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Nominations for ATE Distinguished Members

The Distinguished Member of the Association of Teacher Educators exemplifies the best of teacher education in this nation, which includes outstanding contributions to the Association; outstanding contributions to teacher education; and professional, academic, and ethical standards.

The Honors and Awards Committee receives and evaluates nominations and recommends candidates to the Board of Directors and Delegate Assembly. No more than two recommendations are made each year.

The Honors and Awards Committee invites nominations for the ATE Distinguished Member from current ATE members and/or state/regional units. The committee encourages nomination of all eligible members, recognizing differences in their opportunities to serve the Association. A person may not be nominated if he/she currently serves on the Honors and Awards Committee.

Eligibility for Consideration

• 15 years of consecutive membership in the Association of Teacher Educators
• Outstanding contributions to the Association of Teacher Educators
• Outstanding contributions to teacher education
• Consents to nomination

Please submit all completed forms by December 1 for review by the Honors and Awards Committee at the Annual Meeting.

All documentation and forms should be submitted to:

Shaoan Zhang, Honors and Awards Committee Chair  
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
4505 South Maryland Parkway
Box 3005
Las Vegas, NV 89154

Phone: (702) 895-5084  

FAX: (702) 895-4998

Email: Shaoan Zhang

Click here to download the nomination forms in pdf format. Nomination packet must arrive by the deadline and be complete for the ATE Honors and Awards Committee’s consideration. The nominator is responsible for the submission of the packet.

All nominations are due by December 1.

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