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  Association of Teacher Educators

2024 Annual Meeting Pre-Conference Workshops

Workshops will be offered in advance of the ATE 2024 Annual Meeting.

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Half Day Workshop Descriptions


Developing culturally relevant and sustaining pedagogies

in mentoring and supervision of the novice teacher

Workshop #1 is being presented on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 from 9:00am-12:00pm Pacific Time, $75.


This workshop focuses on developing skill-sets and conceptual understandings of teacher development for those who assume roles as cooperating/mentor teachers and instructional coaches of novice teachers.

 The framing questions that are addressed in this workshop follow:

    1.      How do teachers enact culturally sustaining pedagogies that support development of classroom climate that respects diversity and provides access for all pupils to learn?
      2.      How can mentors engage novice teachers in applying practices that create and sustain a positive classroom climate?  

        Participants will engage in application of strategies that address current problems of practice in mentoring novice teachers toward integrating culturally sustaining pedagogies in their teaching.


        Blake West
        National Education Association (NEA)
        Senior Policy Analyst
        NEA Center for Great Public Schools - Teacher Quality

        Blake West is a Senior Policy Analyst, at the NEA Center for Professional Excellence and Student Learning – Teacher Quality.  A teacher leader for 40+ years, Dr. West taught high school math and computer science and teacher preparation courses at the collegiate level.  Blake created a new-teacher induction program in his school and was an instructional coach for new staff.  As a technology integration specialist, he helped educators integrate 21st century skills for students.  He has publications in computer science, 21st century skills, music, developing teacher leaders, and transforming schools. Blake joined NEA staff in 2015 as Senior Policy Analyst working with teacher preparation, Aspiring Educators, and creating transformative cultures in schools. Email:


        Cecilia Hernandez
        New Mexico State University
        College Associate Professor, Science Education
        Clinical Director of Alternative Licensure 

        Cecilia Hernandez is a College Associate Professor of Science Education at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  She holds a bachelor and a master of science in biology from Texas Tech University, and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Kansas State University. She has taught courses related to science K-16, and has worked with school districts, community colleges, and university faculty in continuously improving teacher education programs. Her interests include diverse learners, culturally responsive teaching in science education, and ESL/Bilingual education. She is currently the Teacher Education Program Clinical Director of Alternative Licensure in the College of Education. Email:


        Patricia Tate
        The George Washington University

        Emerita – Associate Professor
        Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy

        Patricia Tate is retired Emerita - Associate Professor -George Washington University- Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy.  She served as Executive Director of the Office of Professional Preparation and Accreditation.  She developed and taught a course in mentoring and supervision of preservice teacher candidates and supported professional development of university supervisors.  At the state level she serves on the Executive Board of the Maryland Association of Teacher Educators (MATE).  Dr. Tate has served in many capacities within ATE including President in 2019.  During her presidency, she appointed the Task Force on Addressing the Needs of the Cooperating/Mentor Teacher to assure that resources and professional development are provided school-based teacher educators who engage in supervision and mentoring roles. She is a former elementary school teacher.  Her specialty is in teacher education with a focus on supervision and mentoring of developing teachers.

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        Leveraging Scholarship for Public Impact: Tips for Writing Op-Eds and Policy Briefs

        Workshop #2 is being presented on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 from 1:00pm-4:00pm Pacific Time, $75.

        Description: Educational scholars are often trained to write academic articles but not to translate or leverage our research for a broader audience of policy makers and the general public. The first half of this interactive workshop offers tips, examples, and resources for writing for the media, including through op-eds, letters to the editor, and press releases. The second half shares descriptions and examples of different types of publications about public policy (policy briefs, position statements, public testimonies, etc.), tips on key elements and aspects of such writings, and resources. Participants will brainstorm ideas for and get feedback on their next public scholarship!

        Presenter: Dr. Kevin Kumashiro ( is an internationally recognized expert on educational policy, school reform, teacher preparation, and educational equity and social justice, with a wide-ranging list of accomplishments and awards as a scholar, educator, leader, and advocate. He is the former Dean of the School of Education at the University of San Francisco, and is the award-winning author or editor of ten books, including Bad Teacher!: How Blaming Teachers Distorts the Bigger Picture, Against Common Sense: Teaching and Learning toward Social Justice, and most recently, Surrendered: Why Progressives are Losing the Biggest Battles in Education. His recent awards include the 2016 Social Justice in Education Award from the American Educational Research Association, and an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters.

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