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The Research Committee promotes, initiates, and coordinates program development and research, placing special emphasis on collaborative efforts. The committee also recognizes and reports exemplary research and program development efforts, identifies and sanctions needed research, and submits to the appropriate committees recommendations for publications.

Committee Chair


Charlene Johnson, Chair (2021)

Jean Keikel, Board Liaison

Members: Laveria Hutchison (2020), Pamela Barnes (2020), Aiyana Henry (Co-Chair, Distinguished Dissertation in Teacher Education Award, 2020), Lara Handsfield (2020); Shaoan Zhang (2021), Nastassia Jones (2021), Kimberly Reinhardt (2021), Rebecca Fredrickson (2021), John McConnell (Co-Chair, Distinguished Dissertation in Teacher Education, 2021); Aaron Zimmerman (2022), Maika J. Yeigh (2022), Tracy Spies (2022), Bianca Prather-Jones (Chair, Distinguished Research in Teacher Education, 2022)

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