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Elizabeth Barrow & Gregory Chamblee (2020). Impact of a Self-Reflection, Expert Discussion, Self-Reflection Model on Pre-service Secondary Mathematics and Science Teachers’ Ability to Assess Their Classrooms

2 Nov 2020 7:45 AM | Michael Vetere III (Administrator)

Self-reflection using candidate teaching videos in early field experiences is a strategy that may help candidates enhance their teaching constructs and abilities. This study reports on how a self-reflection, expert discussion, self-reflection video feedback cycle changed three pre-service secondary (Grades 6 – 12 certification) teacher candidates’ (two mathematics and one biology) ability to document specific targeted aspects of their teaching. Candidates submitted three separate videos of instruction and responded to a series of prompts modeled after edTPA task two and three prompts. Additionally, candidates were asked to place timestamps on their videos where they believed they answered each of the reflection prompts. The results show that while candidate responses remained brief there was a marked improvement in detail and depth of answers throughout each reflection cycle and after the submission each video. Candidates’, however, still had difficulty using the “video interactions” (timestamps) to substantiate their comments. Future studies need to follow-up on this research with a larger sample size.

View/download barrow-chamblee-2020 PDF.

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