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Your Voice, Your ATE

Where does ATE stand on the issues that challenge education today? What direction or position should your ATE take on quickly emerging matters that will affect your association, your roles as a teacher educator or teacher, your students, your legislators, and those who do or wish to influence educational policies and practices? Be heard and proactive by submitting your ideas, suggestions, and/or resolutions to Sandy Philipose, Chair, Resolutions Committee.  The deadline for your input is December 9th.


The Resolutions Committee considers and formulates resolutions based upon the thinking and concern of the diverse membership, the recommendations of authorized units, and the deliberations and actions of the Delegate Assembly, committees and the Board of Directors. The committee also solicits and presents with recommendations to the Delegate Assembly resolutions which state the principles, policies and goals of the Association, and resolutions which direct action or state the position of the Association on educational matters.

Committee Chair


Sandy Philipose, Chair (2024)

Ashlie Jack, Board Liaison

Members: Kathryn Will-Dubyak (2023), Kim Sloan (2023), Mark Deschaine (2023); Barbara Purdum-Cassidy (2024), Ute Kaden (2024), Jiening Ruan (2024)

ATE Position Framework and Resolutions

Members of the ATE Council of Unit Presidents, the ATE Legislative and Government Relations Committee, and the ATE Resolutions Committee collected resolutions passed by ATE prior to 2004 and developed a Position Framework. Following are links to resolutions that have been approved by ATE’s Delegate Assembly from 2004 to the present. Number refers to the year the resolution was approved by the Delegate Assembly.

Resolution 2010-2013

Resolution 2004-2009

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