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Presentations and Publications

on the Standards for Teacher Educators


Following the development of the teacher education standards, there have been many presentations at state, regional, and national ATE conferences that have provided orientation to the standards and descriptions of how the standards have been used. In recent years proposals to present at the national conference have required that the author identify one of the standards to be addressed in the presentation. An index at the end of the program booklet provides a listing of the presentations focusing on each of the standards.


The following provides examples of publications that relate to the ATE teacher educator standards. Most have multiple authors that provide a broad perspective on how the standards were developed and how they have been utilized.



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Klecka, C.L., Donovan, L., Venditti, K., & Short, B. (2008). Who is a teacher educator? Enactment of teacher educator identity through electronic portfolio development. Action in Teacher Education, 29(4), 83-91.

Klecka, C.L., Donovan, L., & Fisher, R. (2007). In their shoes: Teacher educators’ reframing portfolio development from the students’ perspective. Journal of Computing in Teacher Education, 24(1), 31-36.

Klecka, C.L., Odell, S. J., Houston, W. R., & McBee, R. H.; (Eds.). (2009, in press). Visions for teacher educators. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

Short, B., Donovan, L., Klecka, C., & Venditti, K. (2007). Teacher educator portfolios: The how, the what, and the why. Proceedings of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference, 1892-1897.

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